A Brazilian interior designer based in the United States, Andre Mellone's roots trace back to São Paulo, where he was born and raised. Having relocated to New York after graduating from Syracuse University's Architecture School, he is a 20-year veteran of the city's design community, having proudly established Studio Mellone in 2012, primarily focusing on private homes and residences. Working with illustrious names such as Jason Wu, Thom Browne and Carolina Herrera, Mellone's list of highly-acclaimed collaborative architectural projects is eye-wateringly impressive.

With a father who's circle of friends included the likes of Sérgio Rodrigues - a Brazilian mid-century design mastermind - it's no surprise that Mellone's ardent passion for mid-century design is deep rooted, familial and charmingly profound. Informing his style of work, Mellone fuses together the understated look and clean lines of the mid-century modern aesthetic with the tropical vibrancy of Brazilian style to create truly unique designs that can stop you in your tracks. With his heritage shining through in his work, it's evident that you can take the man out of Brazil, but you can't take the Brazil out of the man. 

An incredibly warm, friendly individual with charismatic charm and a long-time friend of FRESCOBOL CARIOCA, Andre Mellone shows us how The Hamptons are done in true Brazilian style. Here, we sit down with him to discuss his favourite spots in the coveted holiday destination, the relevance of his South-American heritage to the brand and the intersection between fashion and interior design. 

How would you describe your perfect summers day in The Hamptons?

My ideal day would begin with an early morning walk by the beach, stopping for a quick swim in the calm sea. Afterwards, I love to spend the day at the house by the pool, the enjoying the company of my friends for lunch and dinner outside.

Where are your favourite spots in The Hamptons?

I would have to say my favourite spots are Two Mile Hollow beach, the Michael Werner Gallery in East Hampton and La Fondita Mexican restaurant in Amagansett. They all have their own unique charm to them and you can enjoy them with your friends and family, which always makes for a better experience.

What is your go-to outfit for a warm summers day?

That's an easy one! It has to be swim shorts - that I do also wear for dinner - and a short sleeve button-down shirt. The beauty of FRESCOBOL CARIOCA's swimwear is the versatility of the styles that allows them to be worn as part of an outfit that you can go out in - they aren't just limited to the pool or sea.

Do you think there are many parallels between interior design and fashion?

Absolutely. There are always parallels between any creative fields. Fashion and interior design are all about proportion, texture and composition.

What makes the homes in The Hamptons so unique?

From simple farm houses to grand summer homes, there are some great examples of American modernism with certain houses, but for me, The Hamptons are all about the American craftsman's homes with their intricate roofs and shingle cladding. 

To what extent does your Brazilian heritage shine through in your work?

Although New York is my chosen home, as I get older and more self-assured at work, I feel a deepening connection with my Brazilian roots and consequently, a much greater interest in the history and design, which are intrinsically a part of me and so are extremely influential in what I do.

Does your heritage subconsciously make you gravitate towards Brazilian-inspired and owned brands?

I do really find that there is a nice familiarity and comfort about wearing Brazilian-inspired clothes. I feel at home and comfortable in them, which is such a special feeling that I feel fortunate to enjoy.

How would you describe The Hamptons in 3 words?

Summer, America, Inspiration.

What makes FRESCOBOL CARIOCA a Hamptons-appropriate brand?

Although the DNA of the brand is undoubtedly Rio, the clothes really do have an international vibe that can fit anywhere, making them incredibly versatile, easy-to-style and that's why they are absolute essentials!

What does FRESCOBOL CARIOCA mean to you?

When I think of FRESCOBOL CARIOCA, I am reminded of the notion of friends, quality and great-looking clothes that truly allow me feel to feel my most confident.

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