Linen is a staple fabric for us at Frescobol Carioca. Originating from Rio, a city that averages 27 Celsius, breathable summer-first fabrics are not only a necessity, but our speciality. 

As one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics, we believe we should be wearing more of it. Linen is far more versatile than often perceived, and we use different weights and weaves across our collections to create linen shirts, trousers and suits for all seasons. 

The moisture wicking properties of linen mean it actively pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer fresh and cool, whatever the climate. This is why we include linen within the majority of our fabrications. All of our linens are woven from 100% natural fibres without compromise, to not impede the fabric’s organic qualities. Crafted with love in a family-run factory who have honed their mastery since their founding in 1978, our linen is handled with the utmost attention to detail.

Here are 4 reasons to opt for linen:


1. Conscious

Flax, the plant from which linen is made, uses far less water than others. The entire plant can be used to create the fabric, meaning it produces little to no waste and when left untreated, it is entirely biodegradable. Once woven, it is incredibly durable and will last you a life-time when cared for.

2. Lightweight & Breathable

Linen is more loosely woven and lighter than other fabrics. This means not only is it literally breathable when worn, but it won’t add to your reasons to sweat, keeping you comfortable all day long. 

4. Stylish (if we do say so ourselves) 

Conceptualised in-house by our Head of Design, trained on Savile Row, our linen suits and shirts are consciously untailored for informal but refined silhouettes. The ideal choice for a warmer wedding or quick beer at the boteco. 

5. Easy 

Relaxed and Carioca to the core, linen in its rawest form is a natural, earthy tone which pairs with pretty much anything. The fabric naturally softens with age but maintains its looser, more relaxed, fit. It’ll hang just right on every body type, and is a fabric truly designed for living. 

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