When conceptualising The Arpoador Collection for Spring Summer 2022, our house designer, Danny Ching, set foot into the world of terry fabric, resulting in the birth of our all-new Faustino Terry Cloth Polo Shirt and Augusto Terry Shorts.

A one-of-a-kind blend of tencel, cotton and linen, the unique fabrication of our newly-developed terry cloth fabric, characterised by a super soft feel and elegant drape, is a truly exciting venture as Frescobol Carioca continues to encompass the many nuanced approaches to stylish yet practical resort wear.
We sit down with Danny to uncover the many qualities that our newly-developed Terry cloth fabric possesses and to tap into the ingenuity that prompted the launch of the new Terry fabrication.
What was your inspiration behind the Terry Cloth Series?
As a resortwear brand, I felt that we needed this element of holiday apparel under our belt. I consider it an essential item for summer holidays and wanted to create a series of Terry styles that are perfect for travelling.
Terry towelling is commonly made using cotton, sometimes blended with polyester. I've personally owned a few of these polo's in the past and never felt like they were premium pieces.
I wanted to offer something different in this category and to create a Terry piece that would be considered highly premium and so I spent a lot of time developing a unique blend that could meet these certain requirements.
What constitutes a good quality Terry fabric and what makes the Frescobol Carioca Terry cloth unique?
Like any fabric, the quality of fiber is what constitutes good quality material.
We exclusively developed this fabric in Italy, where we can be absolutely confident in the knowledge that the best fibers are being used. This, along with a combination of the lightweight construction, makes this the perfect Terry cloth.
Why are Terry cotton materials ideal for the Spring-Summer season?
The Spring Summer period is absolutely the perfect season to have launched our new Terry series, as the styles are refined and elegant enough for Spring-time style, whilst having heat-regulating properties and rapid absorption qualities that are made for the Summer!
How would you recommend Frescobol Carioca customers wear their Terry cloth pieces?
The unique usage of tencel in our Terry really transforms the way in which the pieces can be worn. Our customers should include both the top and bottom in their wardrobe. A fantastic set that looks great together, but also versatile to mix with our other products like the simple Lucio T-Shirt or our signature linen bottoms.
The Terry Cloth Series is available to shop online now.