In celebration of our long-term partnership with Eden Rock - St Barths, and the 70th year anniversary of their exclusive location, we take a look back at their rich history.

Some destinations are so alluring that the mere mention of a trip there sparks instant envy from even the most seasoned travellers. So it is with Eden Rock - St Barths, a 9.7-square-mile Caribbean island known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and indefinable ‘it’ factor.

From the moment you arrive in St Barths, hearts beat a little faster. And not just because of the thrilling descent onto the island. St Barths is a haven for life’s pleasures, a combination of luxury and simplicity in the perfect measure.

One of the staple resorts on the island, and in the Oetker Collection, is Eden Rock - St Barths. Offering a superior vacation experience that combines Caribbean charm with the luxuries of 5 Star hospitality, guests can experience the freedom and fire of island life. Setting the stage for unmatched luxury, gastronomy and wellness, this is a place that those in the know talk about with wide-eyed reverence. 

The island wasn’t permanently settled until it was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus - who named it after his younger brother, Bartholomew - in the 15th century. Dutch aviator and artist Rémy de Haenen first welcomed guests to the island when he became the first person to successfully land a plane there - in a sheep field, now the airport. He built the island’s first hotel, the Eden Rock, in 1950 and was subsequently elected mayor. 

The discreet location quickly cemented Eden Rock - St Barths as the ‘go-to’ for glamorous Hollywood characters. Formative island goers such as; Howard Hughes; Greta Garbo; Robert Mitchum; Gore Vidal; Baron Rothschild; David & Peggy Rockfeller and Princess Lee Radziwill quickly established the coveted association ‘friends of St Barths.’ The island’s idyllic landscape has continued to hold secrets of wild parties, historic legends and celebrity guests - all part of its can’t-put-your-finger-on-it magnetism. 

In celebration of 70 years of Eden Rock - St Barths, we designed a Frescobol bat exclusively for Eden Rock customers. Available for a limited time only, our co-branded bats are handcrafted in Brazil from sustainably sourced offcuts with grips in sea blue- a nod to the paradisiacal oceans that surround the island. 


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