Partnering with cool-kid eyewear brand and industry leader, Garrett Leight California Optical, our latest collaboration creates an authentic mix of California and Carioca cultures for a truly one-of-a-kind capsule. 

Born in LA in 1984 as the son of the Founder of Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight was immersed into the world of eyewear from day one. After his studies, he worked alongside his father at Oliver Peoples where he learnt the ropes about fine eyewear and his father's iconic designs, which equipped him with the contemporary ingenuity that has allowed him to blaze the trail in the industry.

The x Garrett Leight capsule comprises both signature and all-new pieces, instilling into them the hybrid surfer-chic energy of Rio and California. Here, we chat with Garrett about the parallels between the two cities, his beach behaviour and sustainability's place in fashion.

FC: When you think of the spirit of Rio, what comes to mind?

GL: I grew up in a surfing family that spent most weekends on the beach and avidly followed surfing and surf culture. Back then it was always about Hawaii but it has evolved so much and Brazil has taken over the sport. I know in Rio surfing is a way of life. So, when I think of Rio, I think of surf style and a beach lifestyle, and that's what we tried to accomplish with this collaboration.

FC: What are your essentials to take to the Beach?

GL: Sunglasses goes without saying. Shade is hard to come by at the beach, so you must have coverage. If you have an umbrella that's ideal, but at the very least you need a great bucket hat. A few activities as well to stay entertained. And a unique beach towel is the vibe.

FC: What do you think are the parallels between the Rio and the California lifestyle?

GL: As I previously shared, it's the beach culture and surfing lifestyle. Both have a very laid back casual vibe that is unique to each other and is pretty much a year-round affair.

FC: How would you describe the collection in 3 words?

GL: Vibração de praia original

FC: Sustainability is very important to us here at FRESCOBOL CARIOCA. How do you incorporate this into your brand?

GL: Right now we are developing GLCO Earth which is simply a commitment to spreading awareness around eco-friendly creation. Whether it's animal-free leathers, bio-acetates, or just a general company awareness about ways we can be reducing our carbon footprint – we are letting our people know it's important to us.

The Rio California Collection is available to shop online now.

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