Behind the The Scenes: Beach Bats

Once a playful whim, the game spread in the early 1950’s by Lian Pontes de Carvalho swiftly turned into the symbol of Brazil, and the second most popular game in the country. The iconic sound of Frescobol is now heard on beaches all over the world, with tanned bodies bouncing around, sharing the one and only goal of keeping the ball in the air.

There is no doubt that such an extraordinary game requires equally extraordinary equipment. Frescobol Carioca’s very first collection was a range of exclusive beach bats fit for the legendary beach game.

The Craft

Every one of our beach bats is made individually by the Brazilian marceneiros. The local artisans craft each bat from only the most beautiful pieces of hand-collected hardwood and driftwood from native Brazilian trees. These varieties often include the Cerejeira, Tauari, Vinhatico, Cedro, Mogno, Cedrinho, and Freijo trees, which can also be found in Rio’s Jardim Botânico.

Handmade in limited batches, each bat is unique in colour, shape, and weight, and all are finished with a high-shine bespoke resin for durability. Soft neoprene in a kaleidoscope of hues provides a striking, comfortable grip while custom-made rubber balls complete the set.

What it takes to make a perfect Frescobol Carioca Signature Beach Bat

Leblon or Trancoso

Frescobol Carioca offers two different styles of hand-made beach bat. Although the difference between the Leblon and Trancoso bats is purely aesthetic, each has already found their own admiring crowds.

Trancoso beach bats gained their name from the peaceful, rectangle-shaped coastal village in the state of Bahia, famous for its white sand beaches and idyllic atmosphere, hence the clean aesthetic of the set. Leblon, in contrast, represents the most affluence neighbourhood in Rio, one that bursts with constant movement and vibrancy. This has translated into the rich and highly detailed design.

The Trancoso set is made of 5 different pieces of wood, while Leblon can include between 13 and 17 unique wood fragments. With conservation and the protection of the environment in mind, we are proud to produce our beach bats from the offcuts of the Brazilian furniture industry.

Before landing on shelves in the stores and resorts all over the world, each batch of our beach bats is carefully inspected with an outstanding attention to detail. Though truth be told, there is never a reason to distrust the craft of the marceneiros – when holding a piece of their work you can instantly feel the authentic Brazilian spirit within…

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