The Carioca Club: Andre Mellone
We're pleased to welcome Brazilian interior designer, Andre Mellone to the Carioca Club. Discover how he honed his career and his wardrobe essentials.

There’s no denying that Brazilian interior designer, Andre Mellone has an immense sense of style, and his unpretentious, humble demeanour only heightens this.
The most patent example of his rapport with design would be in his work, as there’s an effortless quality to Mellone’s designs that render them inimitable; nothing is overemphasised or contrived. With over 20 years in the industry, Mellone worked for acclaimed designers such as, Robert A.M. Stern, Greg Jordan and Ferguson & Shamamian before founding his own design studio, ’Studio Mellone’, which is responsible for some of the most exquisite contemporary residential, commercial and retail interiors. You only have to see a handful of Studio Mellone’s projects to recognise that Andre Mellone is one of the most masterly interior designers of the present-day.

Mellone’s natural sense of style could also be attributed to his Brazilian heritage. A Sao Paolo native, Mellone relocated to New York to study at an architectural firm but expresses that Brazil,
‘Completely shaped my belief and how I see things. There’s a certain relaxed approach, a sexiness. A lot of attention to natural materials. It’s kind of the Brazilian spirit, the natural sense of life.’
And this is evident with the warm, sensual palette and organic textures that recur in Andre Mellone’s projects. Though Mellone was content being an employee and in a manner true to him is filled with gratitude as he’d, ‘worked with great people’ and ‘had an opportunity to design an apartment’ he also had a need to traverse and extend his potential, deciding to open his own studio, which initially gravitated towards the ‘high-end world’ before realising that this wasn’t quite his style but was a form of design that he had acquired when working at firms. He wanted to ‘explore (his) creativity and grow’. This is the point that the stylistic qualities that have made Studio Mellone’s designs so covetable were nurtured and birthed.

Brazil has modernism and a great sense of style…There’s a certain use of natural material, we are exposed to natural design; lots of wood and raw materials, natural linen.

Tropes that distinguish Brazilian modern design and art as a collective can be glimpsed in Andre Mellone’s projects, and this is just one attribute that lifts Mellone’s work with a sense of character. The juxtaposition of nature and modernity, minimalism and the ornate. Andre Mellone speaks on Brazilian design fondly explaining that,

‘Brazil has modernism and a great sense of style. There’s a lot of mid-century sleek designs but we are also the country of the Amazon. There’s a certain use of natural material, we are exposed to natural design; lots of wood and raw materials, natural linen. There’s an attraction to minimalism.’

The designers that are currently of inspiration to Andre Mellone are Jorge Zalsupin and Joaquim Tenreiro, with a particular interest in how minimal their designs are.
Though Studio Mellone’s designs aren’t particularly minimal, there’s a cautious, yet effortless curation that is linear with minimalism, this is reflected in Andre Mellone’s personal sense of style. Always dressed impeccably, but never in a way that’s contrived (a trait that is inline with the relaxed sensibility of Brazilians), Mellone knows how to dress himself equally as well as he can dress a room. His explains that,

‘I always gravitate to things that are more classic. You know, for me it’s all about what’s a great white shirt? What’s the perfect navy blazer? I wear polo shirts all the time. I gravitate towards the classics. I have several versions of the basics like white and black tees. I love how people interpret classics, which are the essentials.’

A few Frescobol Carioca classics are welcome in his closet,

‘I love the camp collar shirt. There’s a really cool 50s vibe that I’m obsessed with. I love the 50s, I think it’s the Brazilian in me, because it was an important time in Brazil for many things politics, art and design. Also the Tailored swim shorts, I love the fit and the fabric. I wore them all the time when I was in Brazil.’

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