Quintessentially Brazilian: Perfecting Frescobol

Invented in the mid-1950s, frescobol swiftly became ubiquitous on the beaches of Rio. Now, it’s started to conquer resorts world-wide. Our handmade bats are a thing of beauty. Do them justice by learning to play this game like a real Carioca.

The Carioca guide to playing frescobol

Step 1 Choose Your Bat

A deceptively simple step. Each one of our bats is unique in weight and composition. You’ll usually find a favourite in your set.

Step 2 Choose Your Partner
Choice of partner is crucial. While frescobol is technically a team sport to reach the highest number of volleys possible, it’s also an excellent way to show off on the beach. Choose your most eye-grabbing swim shorts and your least athletic companion, and see it paying off when we reach step 4.

Step 3 Get Volleying

Start off easy, about 4 feet away from your partner. Establish a light and evenly-paced volley until you get into the swing of things. Keep it straightforward. Lull your partner into a fall sense of security.

Step 4 Up the Ante

Here is where things get interesting. You’re going to start moving further apart to make it harder to maintain the rhythm of the game. This is also the point where you become increasingly dramatic in your movements, eventually becoming so erratic you cause your partner to drop the ball. Blame your partner no matter how reliably they’ve returned the volley. If you have gained yourself an audience (not unusual on the beaches of Rio for an intense game) enjoy your moment of glory. Do not accept a local challenger. They will beat you.

Play Along: The Game of Frescobol from Frescobol Carioca on Vimeo.