Introducing Wellbeing Camp

Brazilians are famously passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition – hardly surprising when it’s the home of açaí bowls, coconut water, and year-round swimwear.

The aspirational beach body the world over is linked to the country through Brazilian hair treatments, waxing, and even “butt-shaping” treatments or exercise classes. But with their innate body confidence (whatever their size or shape), the Cariocas’ concept of fitness and wellbeing is not just linked to aesthetics, but what you eat, and how comfortable you feel in your own skin.

This autumn join us and take a taste of the Carioca approach to wellness as we invite you to take time out for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

From 19th September to 12th October our Notting Hill store will play host to a series of classes from nutrition workshops to yoga, pilates, and some more innovative activities.


Each expert-run class is complimentary: to book a class click here and let us know your name, contact number, and the class date and time.

Our floor-based classes will be taught on Liforme yoga mats, which are specially adapted with visual cues to help your alignment during practice. A curated selection of fitness apparel will be available to shop in our workshop space. Provided by fellow Brazilians Sixty Ninety, each piece is 100% Made in Brazil and Fair Trade. We are also offering a 20% discount gift card to the Frescobol Carioca store to all participants in our classes. One final treat: you will be kept hydrated by refreshing juice from our partner Press.

Meet the Experts


Sophia Butler-Cowdry
Vinyasa, animal movement, and candelit yin yoga

Sophia is a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher at leading studios in west London and at private members’ clubs. Qualified to teach both Yin and Sports Yoga, Sophia is known for her energy and passion. In her vinyasa yoga class, prepare to connect deeply with the breath and the subtle, yet fundamental, movements of the physical body.


The Plant Powered PT – Adam Stansbury
Animal Flow

Adam’s mission is to show men and women how they can get fit, strong, and healthy on a plant based diet. With a flexible and non judgmental approach to plant based eating and training, you can transform both your body and the world around you.

Adam’s class, Animal Flow, is a structured movement practise that uses mainly quadruped (all fours) animal type movements, to move the body through multiple planes. It dynamically stretches the body and fascia (tissue that surrounds the muscles), engages core control and stabilises the joints, plus it’s lots of fun.



Maria Mekhael
Diet Therapist

Maria is a qualified Nutritional Therapist who takes a functional, evidence-based approach to applied nutrition. She writes on health and wellness for a variety of digital and print publications, runs corporate wellness programs and workshops, and offers brand advisory for a range of health companies and food retail outlets.

Our workshop with Maria will focus on dispelling nutrition myths, taking a look at some of the popular nutrition-related myths and truths to sort fad from fact. We’ll be talking about the evidence behind whether coffee is healthy, sugar is really evil, if going gluten-free or dairy-free correlates with overall health.


Emily Grievson

Emily’s dynamic pilates class focuses on strengthening, lengthening and adding control to the body through flowing, balanced, and continuous movements. Expect a high intensity, low impact workout that aims to condition the entire body.


Soundbath – Charlotte Hastings
Sound Meditation

Having practiced yoga for six years, Charlotte has been drawn into working with sound over the last four years. Inspired and intrigued by the use of sound to subtly yet profoundly restore the human body and in particular have a deep and lasting impact on the nervous system, Charlotte has worked with sound therapists from all over the globe.

Charlotte’s Supersonic Meditation session involves a very simple floor based (optional) movement and breath practice to take you into a meditative state before bathing you in sounds including drum, voice, crystal bowl and rattle. You can expect to emerge relaxed, rested and restored. Come bathe in the good vibes!