In Conversation With: Victor Collor
We spoke to photographer, restauranteur and tastemaker Victor Collor about Brazilian style and the difference between Carioca and Paulistano style.

Excelling at a multitude of ventures, be that as a photographer, restauranteur, or simply being undeniably stylish, Victor Collor can definitely be given the label of ‘renaissance man’. He was recently elected one of the most well-dressed men in Brazil by GQ Brasil, and he is no stranger to this kind of accolade. We spoke to him to discuss growing up in Brazil, the differenced between Paulistanos and Cariocas, and his formula for dressing well.

How has growing up in Brazil shaped your outlook on life?

I was born in Maceió in the northeast part of Brazil, a completely different reality from the southeast and the big cities such as Rio and São Paulo.
Life in the northeast is more relaxed, less crowded, and with natural “environment” that gives a distinctive perspective. Life up there is way more simple and connected to that is the simplicity of how I used to play; making houses on trees, riding bikes on bumpy roads and making my own toys. That gave me this kind of roots and “back to basics” vision that I keep with me until these days.

What are the differences and similarities between Paulistanos and Cariocas?

I always say that Cariocas made the “Brazilian style” that is exported worldwide. The relaxed beach vibe is everywhere, from a Monday morning jump on the beach before work to a meeting on a sunny Friday afternoon.
Rio is a vibrant city when it comes to colours, vibe, lifestyle and the whole environment that Frescobol Carioca is in love with it. São Paulo is completely different. It is a more “fast” city, connecting people through what they do. Ultimately, everyone in São Paulo is there for a reason. It’s a huge city with no beaches, no mountains – a real concrete jungle.

I always say that Cariocas made the “Brazilian style” that is exported worldwide. The relaxed beach vibe is everywhere…

Which Brazilian creatives have inspired your own creative endeavours?

I love the Brazilian Modernism when it comes to architecture. At the time, it was the reflection of the cultural effervescence, pushing it to a new level of construction and design. Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, Vilanova Artigas, Lina Bo Bardi and Sergio Rodrigues are some of the names that I really value.

You were recently elected one of the most well-dressed men and influencers in Brazil by publications such as GQ Brasil. How have you cultivated your sense of style?

Style for me is something subjective. It is not only to the clothes you wear. Of course, it helps, but style is more connected to gestures, the way you live your life, and the way you respect people and differences.
Since I was a young kid, my parents taught me how to behave in different situations, and both of them were always correctly dressed for any occasion, not too less, not too much. This is the kind of information that goes gradually into your mind.

What is your methodology for dressing well?

Dressing well is a mix of how you understand your environment, your body, your references and everything you’ve learned until today.
I love the vintage world and this is something that I always look to. Classics will always be classics, and I like to give a little modern twist to it – small unique details such as vintage watches mixed with some hippie bracelets, a traditional Borsalino hat mixed with old military pieces and so on. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with yourself. Wear what you believe and not what others say you should.

How would you describe the spirit of Brazil?

This is a difficult question due to the size of Brazil. As we say down here, ‘there are many “Brazils” inside Brazil’. But something that connects all Brazilians is the smile on our faces. For example, the way we can easily open up a smile at someone who is lost, or stop you on the street to ask a simple question. Many “gringos” (the way we call foreigners) says that we are a happy nation. It is true, and we also love music!

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