In Conversation With: Matthew Zorpas
We spoke to the creative consultant and man behind 'The Gentleman Blogger', Matthew Zorpas to discuss his love affair with Rio, travel must-haves, and style staples.

Since launching The Gentleman Blogger in 2012, Matthew Zorpas has gained a loyal following based on his impeccable taste. A true modern-day Renaissance man, Matthew has a long term love affair with the city of Rio. We sat down with the creative consultant, luxury fashion lecturer and frequent flier to discuss what the pack, his favourite Brazilian hot spots, and the wardrobe essentials for every modern gentleman.

We know that you love Rio- what is it about the city that means that you can’t stay away?

It’s the energy of Rio that keeps drawing me back. The sound of samba, the breath-taking sunsets, the noises from the beach sellers, the caipirinhas, the coolness of its people. Rio is a magical urban jungle.

And once you’re there, what are your must-visit recommendations?

In Rio, you must eat as Sushi Leblon, Zuka, Confeitaria Colombo in Centro and Via Sete. Have a drink at Palaphita Kitsch and a coffee at Parque Lage. Hike up Pedra Bonita and watch a sunset at Arpoador. Stay at Fasano in Ipanema or at Vila Santa Teresa. And, if you have a few extra days to spare, visit Paraty, a small Portuguese colonial city two and a half hours drive outside of Rio.

It’s clear from your Instagram that you travel a lot for work! What items are always in your carry-on bag?

I never travel without my tech kit (battery chargers, adaptors, cables, hard drives, cameras and phones chargers). Work comes first! And as I can easily end up going from 30 degrees in Rio to -4 degrees in Davos, I pack clothes that I can layer: from basic t-shirts and shirts to a fine leather jacket and a blazer.

What inspired you to start The Gentleman Blogger and how has it evolved over the years?

I will be celebrating seven years of The Gentleman Blogger this July. It’s amazing how a personal side project has turned into a global source of inspiration for men. It has taken me to places that I never expected to be, from exclusive to public, luxurious to adventurous. The blog has developed me and challenged me at the same time, both in character and in style. As I get older, the blog is the reference point for my journey; it holds the tips, the tricks, the insights of every journey that men all around the world trust for information and inspiration.

The sound of samba, the breath-taking sunsets… Rio is a magical urban jungle.

In your opinion, what are the items of clothing that every man should own?

I used to say shirts are an essential piece in any wardrobe. Today, in this athletic-driven culture, I would definitely give the suit a shout out! It is essential to own one, a classic, tailored suit for those defining and memorable moments in life.

What initially drew you to Frescobol Carioca?

Frescobol Carioca perfectly captures the coolness of Rio. The colours, the patterns, the cuts- it translates that life by the beach, the smiles of people, the balance between the city noises and nature. My favourite pieces are the Copacabana tailored swim shorts and the Predios sport swim shorts. I also love the navy linen shirt.

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