In Conversation With: Lincoln Pilcher
Discover restauranteur, photographer and avid surfer, Lincoln Pilcher's favourite surf spots, style essentials and the key to navigating between his many interests.

Creating stunning photographic images of unvarnished nature and White Shire horses, all the while heading Ruby’s Café in New York and Little Ruby, California, and surfing on the coast of Montauk, New York, Lincoln Pilcher is undeniably a man of many talents. Often wearing classic off-duty pieces in neutral colours the compliment his sunkissed skin and hair, the Australian native exudes laidback urbanity that somehow reflects the Carioca spirit.

You are both an accomplished photographer and restauranteur. How did you get interested in both fields and how do you navigate between the two?

I grew up surrounded by photographers and imagery, my family home was both a ‘news agency’ and a ‘restaurant’. My mother was in the fashion industry and also an incredible cook! Long Australian lunches with inspiring mentors! When I moved to NYC with so many incredible furniture and design stores my passion for interiors began. I love creating fun beautiful environments to entertain through the restaurants. Vibe has always been a key inspiration.

You have a great sense of style. How did you develop this?

I believe it came from my mother. She was always effortless and chic. My style, I believe has most evolved through experiences and travel. I feel now it is clean and simple but always a punch of colour!

Do you think there is a relationship between visual and concept creation, and dressing?

Yes, absolutely my aesthetic and colour palette in design relates to my personal style.

I love creating fun beautiful environments to entertain through the restaurants. Vibe has always been a key inspiration.

You’ve lived in several cities and seem to enjoy travelling. What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I also love to ski so Cortina in Italy is one of my fav magical destinations. Skiing and pasta go really well together!

You are an avid surfer. Have you surfed in Rio?

I have not yet had the opportunity to surf in Rio, so I guess I must add that next on my list of holiday destinations!

Where are the best places to surf?

I was just down in Nosara, Costa Rica and the waves there are amazing, most consistent surf break in the world I believe. I live in the Hamptons in the summer because of my restaurant Moby’s, so surfing in Montauk is my summer spot.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would that be?

Ah, so many places! Mongolia is on my bucket list for a photo excursion, the faces, the colours!

What are your favourite Frescobol Carioca items?

Copacabana swim shorts, linen towels, and I love me some beach bats! Good set up at the beach.

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