How To: Off-Duty Dressing
A guide to mastering nonchalant, yet refined off-duty dressing.

Maintaining a sense of refined urbanity whilst dressing for the weekend, a vacation, or any situation that requires nonchalant appeal can be unassumingly difficult. Striking the balance between relaxed and refined isn’t easy for some, which is why we’ve composed this off-duty dress guide.

Off-duty dressing is a skill possessed by most Cariocas, the laid-back nature of life in Rio lends itself to this – a single outfit needs to be appropriate for an al fresco breakfast, afternoon by the beach and caipirinhas in a hotel bar.

The first thing to master is dressing for your standard casual situation. Think of a weekend in which you’re busy doing nothing; perhaps meeting friends for lunch, doing your grocery shop, or taking in the sun on the beach (if you’re near one).

A key item for this type of ‘off-duty’ look is a well-crafted T-shirt. Cotton, jersey, or blend is the best. Our crew, V and U neckline block colour T-shirts are crafted from a lightweight and supple linen-blend that comfortably falls over the frame.

The traditional crew neckline will flatter any silhouette and is imbued with a sense of retro-cool – think James Dean, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman in the 1960s – while the U and V-necklines are more contemporary, and will give your outfit a modern feel.

A graphic print will enliven an off-duty outfit with a playful touch.

Whatever the T-shirt style, a pair of relaxed chinos are the perfect partner. The drawstring waistband of our Sport Linen Chinos will add to the luxuriate spirit of off-duty dressing.

If your outfit needs to take you from day to night, desk to dinner, a loose, languid linen shirt is ideal. Linen will automatically give a shirt a sense of modernity and nonchalance and is a favourite with Cariocas. Another option is a jersey polo shirt – both full and half placket, long and short sleeve will strike the balance between relaxed and refined, the preppy connotations can be subdued by keeping the top buttons undone and the hem untucked.

Try styling them with shorts like our Sports Linen Shorts, to up the casual aesthetic.

Rivieras are a fitting finish for both renditions of off-duty styling, while a baseball camp will add an undeniably casual charm, and a Panama hat a sophisticated slant.

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