Find Your Perfect Aman Experience

Aman hotels and resorts as a whole have become synonymous with privacy and tranquility. The service and experience of any one of its locations is uniformly flawless, yet each destination draws deeply on the heritage and environment surrounding it. The result is a unique personality that creates the impression of dropping seamlessly into the surrounding culture.

Our collaboration with Aman sees the release of eight new prints, each one taking its colours and motifs from the chosen resort, to continue their tradition of honouring and embracing authentic experience. To celebrate this launch, we’ve explored these properties to determine their personal characters and help you to choose the perfect Aman experience for you.


1. Amanzoe (Greece)

Best for: Historical immersion

Located in the Peloponnese, this Aman resort offers individual villas in traditional Greek temple style with pavilions, pillars, and even an amphitheatre, so you really will feel a part of the ancient Greek experience. The hotel can organise private transport with a personal guide to two separate UNESCO World Archaeological Heritage sites: Epidaurus temple and amphitheatre, and the “golden city” of Ancient Mycenae. Visit a traditional honey farm or vineyard in the area, to see how the practices of the millennia are still preserved, or channel some old-school decadence with an open-air feast of local produce in your private pavilion.


2. Amanwella (Sri Lanka) 

Best for: paradise beach relaxation

This is the paradise beach spot of your dreams. Fine golden sands are lapped softly by the sparkling turquoise waters, where you can choose to simply soak up the atmosphere and the sunshine, or try your hand at some gentle snorkelling, or whale-watching. The surrounding palm trees and lush jungle add further to the Edenic atmosphere of the resort, as well as offering another space to explore. Choose the Ocean Pool suite for a picture-perfect view of a coconut grove clinging to a crescent shaped private beach.

The Amankora Shorts


3. Amankora (Bhutan)

Best for: the self-discovery experience

Kora means circular pilgrimage, and this location is perfect for those on a path of self-exploration. Travel by foot between the five lodges that make up Amankora through Bhutan’s meditative valleys, surrounded by the legacy of Buddhist traditions. From prayer-flag bathing to wilderness meditations, this location is best-suited to those in a reflective mindset. Christened by the resort as Himalayan Forest Therapy, this experience promises to clear the mind, remove mental clutter, and promote reconnection with nature.

4. Amangiri (Utah)

Best for: activities

If the idea of spending two weeks sunbathing on a secluded white-sand beach just sounds boring to you, Amangiri is the destination of your dreams. Start with the complimentary daily hike into the breathtaking mountain landscapes of the American midwest, and then choose to try rock-climbing, horse-riding, guided canyon walks, or take in the beauty of Lake Powell from a boat. Monument Valley, natural backdrop to countless Hollywood blockbusters, is easily accessible for dramatic landscape snaps, or simply to induce a state of awe.

The Amanpuri Shorts

5. Amanpuri (Thailand)

Best for: diving

Amanpuri offers qualified instructors to give accredited SCUBA lessons, and is located within east of some of the world’s most phenomenal diving spots: the Phi Phi and Similan Islands, the Koh Dok Mai, and the aptly named Shark Point. With a plethora of coral formations, anemone hotspots, and a rainbow of native fish species, you can dive a different location every day and each one will feel new and unique.


6. Amanjena (Morocco)

Best for: romance

Amanjena provides an extensive range of sensual pleasures in its environs that makes this spot perfect for amorous couples. The nearby medina of Marrakesh offers a riot of colour and spice, distinctive sweet mint tea will be offered everywhere you go, and the flavours of the middle east are celebrated in fragrant local dishes, such as the emblematic tajine. A short drive away, the scents of Morocco are championed at  the Nectarome: an organic botanical farm, which produces natural cosmetics and perfumes. You can further sample this approach to sensuality with the private hammams back at Amanjena, which use the gardens’ produce. Complete the experience with private horseback riding excursions through the desert and a dinner in the property’s caidal tent, located in the candle-lit olive grove. Local musicians play softly exclusively for you and your partner as you dine on local delicacies including méchoui, a speciality preparation of lamb cooked slowly underground.

7. Amanoi (Vietnam)

Best for: families

The Vietnam-based Aman property, with its stunning location and lotus filled lake spa, would be many people’s ideal getaway spot, but it’s a particularly fantastic choice for those travelling with kids. The resort features plenty of activities to keep children busy: from tennis to snorkelling, kayaking and an infinity pool with a steep cliff drop view that will keep them distracted for hours. The adjacent Nui Chua National Park offers wild ecosystems to explore, with the possibility of spotting nesting sea turtles, tiny pygmy lorises, or even asian black bears.


8. Amanjiwo (Indonesia)

Best for: total seclusion

Set in a natural amphitheatre of rice fields, palm trees, and emerald green foliage, Amanjiwo is a stone’s throw from the world’s largest Buddhist monument as well as ancient Hindu temples that dot the landscape. The surrounding area is home to traditional spice and tea plantations and offer a complete break from a hectic modern lifestyle. Try trekking the surrounding hills, open-air yoga practises, or capturing your surroundings with the painting supplies thoughtfully provided in every suite. This will be the easiest tech detox of your life; phones and laptops just feel out of place here. Try out a slower rhythm, in sync with nature, if only for a little while.


The full Aman collection is available online here, and at selected Aman locations worldwide.