Explore Brazilian Interiors

Brazilian interiors and design have a unique character that combines tropicalismo with a sophisticated modern aesthetic. The juxtaposition can be subtle or overwhelming, but it’s always original. We’ve teamed up with Brazilian photographer Joana França to bring you some of the most inspirational examples she has captured.

1. A little bit art-déco, a little bit Modernist, the basis of the interior is quite classic. But organic curves, and,more importantly, floating Gothic angels are accent pieces that can only be executed with 100% commitment to Brazilian panache.


2. The painted tile azulejos are a common feature in Brazilian design and draw on more traditional tiling work used in Portugal. We love how they’re used here to highlight the Modernist floating stairs design in a fascinating juxtaposition of old world and new.


3. Oscar Niemeyer’s famous curved lines have dominated Brazilian architecture and interiors since the middle of the 20th century. As fresh now as they appeared then, they have become a quintessential Brazilian feature.


4. With accents like a guitar and hammock overlooking the rainforest, this property just feels like it’s waiting for a chilled out evening amongst friends with someone gently strumming some bossa nova, looking out at the incredible view.


5. Retro, but never dated, Brazilian interpretations of Modernism still feel refreshing. The imposing straight lines of this exterior are expertly softened and obscured by the gentle shapes and shades of the natural world.


6. One of Brazil’s greatest assets is the abundance of bright clear light and sunshine. This interior space makes the most of this feature with airy spaces and full glass fronted walls. The clean white walls also serve to accent the artworks in this private collection.


7. We are in love with the cinematic qualities of this home. The interiors of each room are framed and placed within a pristine glass screen that invites us to watch life unfold across the stages set within.


8. Stark concrete with brightly coloured accents make for a surprisingly warm and welcoming family home. The fact that it looks like it was designed by M.C. Escher is just a bonus.


9. A whole other level of “a room with a view”. Our only issue is why they even bothered to include a television in this space. How could it possibly hold your attention? Traditional artwork and crafts warm the tone of a room that could feel quite stark and exposed.