Comporta Like A Local

The resort referred to as Comporta is actually a collection of villages dotted along a 12km stretch of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. If you make the ...

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The Carioca Club: Hubert Zandberg

  A South African designer may seem a strange choice for our Carioca Club, but Hubert Zandberg had been embraced as an honorary Carioca long befo...

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Turkish Travel Delights

We recently experienced Turkey through the eyes of Andrea Faccio, as the Italian model and influencer chose this beautiful country as backdrop for our...

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Introducing Andrea Faccio

Summer is in full swing and we decided to make the most of it with a trip to Turkey with model turned content creator – and Instagram sensation ...

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The Carioca Spirit: Pedro Andrade

Welcome to the world of Pedro Andrade, a Carioca journalist and model with his own globe-trotting TV show, Pedro pelo Mundo. Think of this as your che...

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Carioca Outpost: The Maldives

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a collection of over 1000 islands, an oasis of serenity and sheer bliss, with white sands a...

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Meet the carioca

Vivian Guimarães
Vivian Guimarães Role in Carioca scene.

Vivian Guimarães is model and TV presenter in Brazil…...

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Camilla Reis
Camilla Reis Role in Carioca scene.

Camilla Reis is the perfect representation of the authentic “carioca da gema”…...

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Talitha Rossi
Talitha Rossi Role in Carioca scene.

Talitha Rossi is an artist with an energetic, positive and spiritual soul....

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Beatriz Dias
Beatriz Dias Role in Carioca scene.

Beatriz Dias is a dreamer with a curious soul. ...

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Ana Beatriz Poswolski
Ana Beatriz Poswolski Role in Carioca scene.

Ana Beatriz is a fashion designer and a health junkie...

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Martha Pinel
Martha Pinel Role in Carioca scene.

Martha Pinel is a very fun and stylish girl with a truly creative spirit....

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Carol Antunes
Carol Antunes Role in Carioca scene.

Carol Antunes was born and raised in Rio, and works in advertising and as a model...

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Barbara Studart
Barbara Studart Role in Carioca scene.

Barbara Studart tells us what she loves about Rio and where the best parties are at ...

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Glenda Ritterling
Glenda Ritterling Role in Carioca scene.

Glenda Ritterling shares her favourite spots, restaurants and must-see places in Rio ...

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