In Conversation With: Derlon Almeida

A visual artist born in Recife, 1985, Derlon Almeida has been regularly featured in institutions and galleries, as well as creating public murals in B...

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Cinema Novo: A Wave of One’s Own

One of the most special adventures of living abroad entails rediscovering your own culture and history through the arts: excavating a sense of belongi...

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In the curves of the Calçadão

Right before one reaches the vast and soft sands of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, there comes the calçadão: the most famous walkway in the world. ...

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Paulo Mariotti Collection Launch

Frescobol Carioca is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive collaboration with Brazilian artist Paulo Mariotti. The 6-piece capsule collect...

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Bossa Nova: The Inspiration

Bossa nova and samba, Brazil’s most famous musical outputs, are two sides of the same coin: the eternal soundtrack of Rio. They share many featu...

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Bossa Nova: The Music of Paradise

From the late 1950s, modernist skyscrapers rose around the curves of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, and the musicians of the city gathered on the beaches...

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Assouline X Frescobol Carioca

  Since its inception in 1994, Assouline has become a cultural authority, the gold standard of what makes a book “luxury” and the mark of a s...

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A Place in the Sun: Brand Guide

Take a mini-holiday and discover your dream summer wardrobe right in the heart of London. Venture downstairs at our new Notting Hill boutique and you...

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Athos Bulcão: The Man Behind Azulejos

The modernist buildings of Brazil owe their undulating shapes to the world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, but few people are aware that their distin...

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How A City Shaped a Brand

Frescobol Carioca - How a city shaped a brand

Rio de Janeiro, 1946: A dark handsome man strides past the iconic Copacabana Palace hotel down onto the beach wearing a short pair of tailored swi...

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Meet the carioca

Vivian Guimarães
Vivian Guimarães Role in Carioca scene.

Vivian Guimarães is model and TV presenter in Brazil…...

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Camilla Reis
Camilla Reis Role in Carioca scene.

Camilla Reis is the perfect representation of the authentic “carioca da gema”…...

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Talitha Rossi
Talitha Rossi Role in Carioca scene.

Talitha Rossi is an artist with an energetic, positive and spiritual soul....

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Beatriz Dias
Beatriz Dias Role in Carioca scene.

Beatriz Dias is a dreamer with a curious soul. ...

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Ana Beatriz Poswolski
Ana Beatriz Poswolski Role in Carioca scene.

Ana Beatriz is a fashion designer and a health junkie...

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Martha Pinel
Martha Pinel Role in Carioca scene.

Martha Pinel is a very fun and stylish girl with a truly creative spirit....

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Carol Antunes
Carol Antunes Role in Carioca scene.

Carol Antunes was born and raised in Rio, and works in advertising and as a model...

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Barbara Studart
Barbara Studart Role in Carioca scene.

Barbara Studart tells us what she loves about Rio and where the best parties are at ...

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Glenda Ritterling
Glenda Ritterling Role in Carioca scene.

Glenda Ritterling shares her favourite spots, restaurants and must-see places in Rio ...

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