Carioca Outpost: The Maldives

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a collection of over 1000 islands, an oasis of serenity and sheer bliss, with white sands and sheltered lagoons. Since gaining full independence from the UK in 1965, the island nation has become most famous as a luxury holiday destination, with tourism its most important economic activity.


Most visitors stay on a private island resort, but there’s something to be said for experiencing the Maldives beyond the independent island resorts, by visiting the capital city: Malé. Here you can meet locals – not really possible on the self-contained resort islands – as well as taking in the history and culture of the country. The Old Friday Mosque is a tourist favourite, along with the National Museum – which gives the history of the island and its people – and the National Art Gallery, with ever-changing collections and displays.

As fascinating as they can be, the bustling crowds of Malé, with its dense brightly-coloured buildings, are not what tourists come to the Maldives for. A relaxing, tranquil ambience is one of the Maldives foremost charms and this is particularly evident at Cheval Blanc Randheli.


“European Art de Recevoir is at the core of Cheval Blanc’s philosophy,” they tell us. “In every villa, a personal butler looks after guests’ every desire. We celebrate true craftsmanship, exclusive privacy, creativity and genuine, caring service.”

A dynamic combination of elegance and effortless cool defines the pervading atmosphere in both Rio de Janeiro and the Maldives, and makes our brand feel right at home in Cheval Blanc. The breath-taking beauty of the islands is, in many ways, the opposite of Rio’s overwhelming urban, architectural rainforest: yet both places have the ability to feel like paradise.


The location is all about relaxation – another point of difference with Rio’s constant energy – and our preferred activities are dreaming away an afternoon at the picturesque White bar, or sampling the facilities of the resort’s dedicated spa island.

However, for those determined to make any holiday an active one, there are also plenty of options, the most awe-inspiring of which is diving. Even those who came solely to work on their tan and sip cocktails poolside may find themselves tempted.


The resort explains the unique appeal of the islands ocean life: “Deemed the best year-round diving destination in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives have exceptional ocean currents that breathe life into the reefs. This has resulted in one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems. The islands are part of a massive underwater mountain range with vivid corals and an extraordinary, extensive marine life.”

So what to pack for a break of unparalleled luxury? Those who choose to stay in Randheli can opt for our exclusive collaboration with the resort: custom swim shorts, beach bats, and Panama hat. We also think our Underwater collection is particularly suited to this location. What better wardrobe than one inspired by diving?


Angra Water Blue Tonal shorts
Half-placket Aqua Tonal Stripe linen shirt