Best surfing spots in Rio

Dreaming of the perfect waves in Rio? We’ve put together our pick of the top surfing spots in the local beaches for you to enjoy…


Arpoador Beach

Arpoador, or “Arpex” beach as surfers call it, has one of Rio’s most famous views of Ipanema Beach, and it’s also the perfect sunset spot!

Considered one of Rio de Janeiro’s main surfing locales, aficionados started to gather here and it became an institution. Located right in the middle of the city, Arpoador beach has hosted important surfing championships, such as WCT and WQS. The waves can go up to 2.5m on good days, but beginnings need to aware of the currents, which are very strong. The surfing area is small and often crowded, so best to go early in the morning!

“In Arpoador there is a bridge break to the left when there are great waves that come from the east. It can be easily reached because it is in the heart of Rio, which makes it easier when you have less time to surf” says Yuri Sodré, veteran professional surfer.


Devotees also like to surf here at night as the lighting around the beach allows good visibility.

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Grumari beach is longer than Arpoador and quite distant from the city center. The beach is located in an Environmentally Protected area, and the cold, transparent waves and the strong presence of nature make it one of the most beautiful surf locations in Rio. Frequented by beginners and professionals, the waves normally range between 2 and 6 feet, but they can exceed 8 feet on some days.

“In Grumari the secret is to enter from the left corner where the nudist beach is, in order to be in the right spot for catching waves. The middle of the beach usually has good waves and the bigger waves break in the right corner when the sea is more rough” says Yuri.

During the week the beach is usually deserted, only populated by surfers, while during weekends it is filled by families.

One of the hot spots on the beach is the Kiosk of Rico Surf, where the great annual surfing championships are hosted. Here you’ll find the cool crowd and passionate surfistas.

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Prainha is everybody’s favourite surfing spot in Rio with constant waves reaching up to 3 meters. Depending on the day waves will vary in height and strength, so you’ll need to check them out yourself before deciding to jump in.

 “The cool fact about Prainha is that besides having several kinds of waves, it is a safe beach and the only one in Rio de Janeiro with a blue flag. It has a special wave in the right corner that allows you to practice several manoeuvers. If you walk along the little canal and follow the rock and the restaurant you’ll find yourself in the right spot for surfing” according to Yuri.


Even on weekdays the beach is generally full of surfers, so ideally you should go early in the morning.

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Reserva Beach

This beach is less busy, but it’s more difficult to access it via public transportation. Located between the Barra da Tijuca and Recreio beaches, Reserva Beach is an Ecological Reserve and has high waves. Submerged rocks line the bottom of the sea giving the waves a better formation and allowing them to reach up to 8 feet. The rippling waves of Reserva Beach follow the same cycle of the waves of Barra da Tijuca. It’s important to be aware that dangerous currents can come in from West, South and Southwest. But on calmer days, when the waves are up to 0.5 meters, it is safe to surf even for beginners.

On Reserva beach there are rocks that help the waves to break perfectly, but it is not easy to get to the beach, it is difficult to park in this part of the Reserve” explains Yuri.

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Surfing in Rio? Head to Reserva Beach for the best Surfing experience.