Best of Brazil: The ‘Mole’ Armchair
A celebration of the iconic chair, designed by Brazilian furniture designer Sergio Rodrigues.

‘Best of Brazil’ is a series in celebration of the country’s rich and varied cultural tapestry. From architectural design to wellness retreats and art galleries, Brazil is home to some of the most innovative and inspiring creations, and we are shining a spotlight on them.

Puckered leather cushions brim over the arms of the hammock-like jacaranda wood frame one of Brazil’s most iconic pieces in furniture design, the ‘Mole’ armchair. Designed in 1957 by illustrious furniture designer, Sergio Rodrigues, the ‘Mole’ armchair exemplifies the innovative nature of the man often dubbed the father of Brazilian furniture design.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1927 and was part of the cities famed modern design movement. Shortly after graduating from the Faculdade Nacional de Arquitectura in 1952 he founded one of the first furniture and design stores in Curitiba, of which sold and showcased designs like the ‘Mole’ chair.

Obtuse, bold and imbued with a sense of classicism there’s something very bold about the ‘Mole’ chairs aesthetic.

Obtuse, bold and imbued with a sense of classicism – aided by the slightly aged quality of the leather cushions – there’s something very bold about the ‘Mole’ chairs aesthetic. However, there’s a duality that could be cause for the ‘Mole’ chairs appeal.

Remove the pronounced cushions and you have a sleek, contemporary silhouette that’s undeniably attuned to 1960s contemporary design, however, the inclusion of the leather bolsters subverts the timely aesthetic and renders the ‘Mole’ chair unorthodoxly timeless. It’s this lasting power that enabled the limited edition reissue of the ‘Mole’ lounge chair for its 60 year anniversary in 2014.

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