Behind The Print: Resort ’19
Explore the inspiration behind the prints of Resort '19.

Our Resort ’19 collection draws inspiration from the angular, modern sculptures of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark and the era in which she was working, the 1960s and 1970s.

The influence of the era and the artist is evident in the new series of abstract and distinct prints.

Our design team developed the prints by reimagining the geometric lines and curved edges – that are often juxtaposed in Neo-Concreto art and specifically the work of Lygia Clark – into contemporary prints.

The Cube print is a contemporary interpretation of the bold uniformed work of Lygia Clark.

Modernist is a reimagine and re-proportioned look at some abstract pieces of Lygia Clark’s sculptures.

Not a print by distinguished with a pattern, the Jacquard Modernist is a fragmented vision of the shapes that often occurred in Lygia Clark’s works.

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