Behind The Print
Creative Director, Oliver Moores talks to us about the inspiration behind the High Summer '19 prints.

For High Summer ’19 we continue to pay homage to the ingenious work of Roberto Burle Marx. Where Spring Summer ’19 looked to Burle Marx’s landscape architectural achievements, High Summer ’19 takes cues from his style of organic painting.

Creative Director, Oliver Moores developed the prints by deconstructing the divergent areas of Burle Marx’s work and reimagining them into a collection of contemporary prints with a retro tenor.

The origins of each print are digital, however in order to attain the intrinsic sensibility of Burle Marx’ fine art works Moores worked into each print manually – hand-painting considered yet fluid lines in a corresponding manner to Roberto Burle Marx.

“Shapes and forms were simplified and then rebuilt and worked on until they felt original and ours. I wanted to pay homage to Burle Marx and not replicate his work”, explained Moores.

Which is palpable when looking at just a selection of this season’s prints.

‘Arch’ print references one if Burle Marx’s iconic mosaic tiled sidewalk patterns and fuses this with his distinctive style of putting paint to canvas.

‘Aerial’s refined line is an abstracted blueprint of Roberto Burle Marx’s landscape work from a birds-eye viewpoint and nods to the manner of which Burle Marx’s liberate the use of paintings as blueprints.

‘Shape’ is a notional look at some of the more prevalent forms that Burle Marx used in his work, of which Moores reimagined into a vivid abstract pattern.

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