The Hottest Pools In Rio

How to define a pool day in Rio…

Stunning turquoise waters, searing heat, and glorious views of the mountainous landscape, rivaled only by the boozy haze caused by never ending ice cold passion fruit Caipirinhas.

This scene is physical and spiritual home, and one that defines the effortless cool of the Carioca lifestyle the Frescobol Carioca brand embodies. Alongside the launch of our Underwater collection, it felt like time to wax lyrical about a few of our favourite, and arguably the hottest pools in Rio right now (and how to look good while lounging there)!


Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel

This epic 5 star Hotel located in front of Copacabana beach is truly a Rio de Janeiro’s legend. The hotel Art Deco opened in 1923, and has since become revolving door for the rich and famous. The impressive pool won’t disappoint you (it’s one of the largest in Rio), neither will the clientele of beautiful Carioca’s day and night. For the Frescobol Carioca, this is the best place to relax and enjoy a spot of lunch al fresco, before a few laps to justify the extra Caipirinha’s!

What to wear: Copacabana Tailored Swim Shorts in Turquise, Slim Fit Linen Shirt in White (3-4 buttons undone…naturally)!

Instagram-able rating: 8.5/10

Carioca Post for a local's list of the Hottest Pools in Rio

Fasano Hotel

The undefeated champion of Sexiest Pool in Rio, Fasano is a fixture on our shoot list and featured in much of our photography! Located on the roof top of Fasano Hotel in the heart of Ipanema, the infinity pool overlooks both Ipanema and Arpoador beaches, the Morro dois Irmaos mountains, and the iconic Corcovado. This iconic luxury hotel was Philippe Starck’s first project in Brazil honoring Bossa Nova’s golden age. The pool bar is the best spot in Rio to get a sunset drink and is frequented by such famous Brazilians as Mert Alas, Izabel Goulart or Andrea Dellal.

Dive into the Fasano Hotel Pool in Rio - A top pick by Frescobol Carioca


What to wear: Keep it casual in the Atlantico Print White T-shirt, paired with Navy Blue Tailored Linen Shorts

Instagram-able rating: 10/10

Caiçaras’s Club

If you are looking for the next level Carioca experience, Caiçara’s club is the Ritz of Rio –  ybe warned, however, it’s an exclusive venue and you will need to be invited by a member to get on the guest list. Befriend a Carioca though and enjoy a huge sweeping palm tree lined swimming pool. Caiçaras’s Club is located in Lagoa’s neighbourhood.

Cariacars Club Pool - A Hottest Pool pick by Frescobol Carioca

What to wear: Take a dive in a pair of Angra Sport Shorts in Blue & Aqua, and dry off with a Copacabana Linen Beach Towel

Instagram-able rating: 9/10

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As piscinas mais badaladas do Rio

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É sempre uma boa idéia no Rio desfrutar de um dia na piscina, especialmente com uma bela vista, bebidas e cercado por pessoas sexy e cool.

Veja abaixo a nossa descolada lista:


Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel

Este épico e luxuoso hotel na praia de Copacabana é verdadeiramente uma lenda do Rio de Janeiro e a piscina não decepciona. É muito grande cheio de cadeiras ao redor. É bacana para passar o dia e almoçar no restaurante junto à piscina

Hotel Fasano

A piscina mais sexy do Rio com certeza é aquela no telhado do Hotel Fasano, localizado no coração de Ipanema. A piscina com borda infinita tem vista para a praia de Ipanema e Arpoador, Morro dois irmãos e Corcovado. O Hotel de Luxo foi o primeiro projeto no Brasil do designer estrela Philippe Starck que honra a idade de ouro da bossa nova. A piscina com borda infinita e o bar são o sucesso do dia quando o sol está fora, é o local no Rio para pessoas famosas como Mert Alas, Izabel Goulart, Rihanna e Andrea Dellal.

Clube dos Caiçaras

Para uma experiência super carioca, este clube é a melhor opção, mas você precisa ser ou conhecer um membro para estar lá. A grande piscina situada na Lagoa está sempre cheia de famílias tradicionais cariocas.

Lá eles curtem passar o dia, se divertindo com a família e amigos, bebendo cerveja e comendo uma comida bem brasileira no pequeno restaurante.