Jardim Botânico

The Jardim Botânico is fascinating; a place of relaxation where you can truly feel in touch with nature....

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Tijuca National Park

A lush Atlantic rainforest in the heart of Rio, the Tijuca National Park is the world’s largest urban forest and offers breathtaking views of the ci...

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New Years Eve in Rio 2016

The fireworks over Copacabana Beach, the unique vibe, the contagious joy of the cariocas, the warm weather and the festive atmosphere all contribute t...

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Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova Article from Frescobol Carioca blog

The word ‘Bossa’ was used before the 1950s to characterise the ‘almost dancing’ air of Brazilians who were known for facing life with a unique...

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Camilla Reis
Camilla Reis Role in Carioca Girls.

Camilla Reis is the perfect representation of the authentic "carioca da gema"......

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Talitha Rossi
Talitha Rossi Role in Carioca Girls.

Talitha Rossi is an artist with an energetic, positive and spiritual soul....

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Beatriz Dias
Beatriz Dias Role in Carioca Girls.

Beatriz Dias is a dreamer with a curious soul. ...

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Ana Beatriz Poswolski
Ana Beatriz Poswolski Role in Carioca Girls.

Ana Beatriz is a fashion designer and a health junkie...

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Martha Pinel
Martha Pinel Role in Carioca Girls.

Martha Pinel is a very fun and stylish girl with a truly creative spirit....

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Carol Antunes
Carol Antunes Role in Carioca Girls.

Carol Antunes was born and raised in Rio, and works in advertising and as a model...

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Barbara Studart
Barbara Studart Role in Carioca Girls.

Barbara Studart tells us what she loves about Rio and where the best parties are at ...

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Glenda Ritterling
Glenda Ritterling Role in Carioca Girls.

Glenda Ritterling shares her favourite spots, restaurants and must-see places in Rio ...

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